Inclusive communities where everyone is welcome valued and appreciated for their individuality.


To provide advocacy and support for persons with disabilities and their families.

Capabilities Connection of Central Alberta Association is a family-centered, community-based, central access point of information for persons with disabilities and the people in their lives living in Central Alberta. Developed by parents who struggled to find information and resources at the beginning of our journeys, and fueled by our desire to strengthen our community.  

We provide support, education, and information to families who are living with or are connected to someone with a disability, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


We work with families and communities to connect them to the right resources. 

We provide a wide range of support including but not limited to: support groups, creating a vision plan, providing resource databases, one-to-one assistance planning,  educational workshops, and more.

Capabilities Connection of Central Alberta  (non-profit organization)